This letter is written by me, Kanimozhi and Aparna two of the strong genuine BJP supporters to hardcore bhakts.

Dear Bhakts,

We are honest and strong BJP supporters and will continue to be so, but there is no denying that millions of honest BJP’ians are being forced to change parties because of the conduct of BJP and of its Bhakts, both are clearly against its own honest genuine supporters, whenever a concern about BJP’s non-performance on civilizational issues or ignoring promises raised by genuine supporters like us. We can easily be the next victim. We could be abused, trolled and pushed outside like it has been done to million others, but, we still would like to write this letter to the bhakts, to ensure we are heard least once irrespective of the outcome. We need to write this letter with a heavy heart today when our 17 brave Indian soldiers are martyred in J & K


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To resolve the Pak issue was also one of the promises made by BJP government that seems to have gone with the wind. But Modi sarkaar seems to be too much off the ground as if visiting foreign countries will solve the issues of home. @shtl1980 Sheetal Tweets brought this very important issue forward with her tweet. She talks about our 17 soldiers who were killed by heavily armed terrorists in Uri army base by implying that the count can increase if nothing is done about Pak issue. Kapil Kaushik, tried to slam her by talking about the “No first use” policy. The entire nation knows how much Pakistan distrusts us and our policies and it’s not a solid way to handle Pak issue. India doesn’t even have a defense backup option in case the country is attacked. Still, nothing is done about it!

Just the construction of some roads, electricity supply in one of a thousand villages, building few bridges is not the definition of Development. The solution of real civilization issues is what can be called actual development. At the core of a public party, lies the responsibility to look after its supporters. But, BJP has adopted pseudo secularism and indirectly laughed at our face. Supporting the pro-Hindu agenda has become a thing of past recollection. Should then, we continue our support?


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In May 2014, we gave our overpowering majority in the elections to BJP. We thought that our era has begun. It is a subject of sadness that this dream couldn’t be actualized, considering years that have gone by since the elections and there is no solid work that proves that BJP has done much for the pro-Hindu agenda. It has given meager regard to our issues. Our Hindu schools are still harassed by RTE, Government is still looting our temple money shamelessly and now courts and NGOs are attacking our local Hindu traditions like Sabarimala, Jalikattu or Shani temple. Nothing was done about the anti-national slogans shout at JNU, no changes to books, nobody sacked. Smriti Irani is another failure associated with BJP government, who prides in her neglect of books given by the UPA. Our problems are undeniably being ignored.

The worse part about this is BJP’s meek behavior after forsaking us. We just got left at becoming a “plank” on which BJP launched itself. They think that we can always be used to bring them victory like we did in 2014. That’s all the purpose we as supporters serve for them.

The primary reason why we face this identity crisis is that BJP is confident that we have nowhere else to go, no other party to turn to. They are assured to have hardcore Hindus as confined vote base who will vote for them because we do not belong anywhere else. But because of the left dominated liberal agenda that is followed by BJP, we become a burden on the government after winning the elections. So, should we keep letting BJP use us and our support for their selfish motives?


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There are so many general problems associated with BJP; their ministers are unreachable as always. Even we, the supporters can’t reach them unless we have some approach. MPs from BJP have forgotten all the promises they made and have confined themselves to their own bungalow, cars, and luxury. BJP has lost many Hindu electorates who voted collectively for them, combining people from all economic strata because of their conduct. We are now confused if to continue supporting a party that doesn’t deserve it?

Middle-class Hindus who voted for BJP wanted some changes at the basic level which was obviously disregarded and now forgotten after winning. We have lost understanding as to why our voices were so strong while campaigning for BJP since after the victory our causes are not promoted at all! We can’t understand PM’s closeness to Sonia Gandhi or his distance from those supporters who were with him at all times. When people disbelieved in the PM, when he had no confidence from the people in his victory, he had us. We are quiet for a long time because of the belief and respect in him. While BJP has clearly used our support as a stepping stone to success, should we continue being used?

10% of the fishermen in Tamil Nadu were converted by Christian missionaries during last Tsunami. Hindus with the view of having more children are made fun of, but why? Muslims are following the same pattern and have outnumbered Hindu population in a lot of areas which will not vote for BJP. Pope regards India as a bull’s eye for mass conversions. Even after knowing that the Christians have always been the aggressors in our country, BJP is doing nothing to solve it. This conduct of BJP is a betrayal to us.


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The Modi government seems to be following the same pattern as Atal Bihari Vajpayee who wandered away from Hindu ideals and as a result, lost elections to Sonia Gandhi. The BJP is too blind to see that we make the pillar on which they stand. We give them our trust before our vote, but we got tossed in a corner, not even a year after we voted united for BJP. International issues are being sorted and the stacks of promises made by BJP to its supporters during election campaigning are clearly, forgotten. In light of this, if we vote for them again in UP, Goa, Punjab, Gujarat, won’t they misinterpret our verdict to their pseudo secularism?


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RTE (Right to Education) passed by Modi government, doesn’t actually mean what it’s been crafted to achieve. Public schools are forced to admit 25% so-called “minority” students to ensure learning for poor people. These minority students are mainly Muslims and Christians. It is devastating Hindus and Hindu-run schools. This act is undeniably religiously discriminating, biased against us Hindus. What’s even more hurting is that, in spite of our incessant insistence BJP is not repealing this act!

Because of this, it is now more of a challenge for us to start our own educational venture, be it university, school or college than it is for the minorities. BJP has even tried to put non-minority and minority schools on an equal platform, even after giving them a quota which was previously not so stringent. How do we trust BJP for an additional tenure when it didn’t think once before passing a religiously discriminating education act? We, who went door to door to support them, our community is not being given the proper attention they deserve after being loyal to BJP, so what’s the use?

Although it’s not the only blunder related to education that BJP has made against Hindus. BJP did nothing to correct the syllabus in history books that preach about Christian missionaries created education! A woman recently even tweeted about this issue to the Prime Minister but of course nothing was done about it. BJP doesn’t fret even once when the religion of their followers is ridiculed and a lie is allowed to spread like fire by means of a weapon as subtle as education?

@RituRathaur’s tweet to PM Modi on misrepresentation in History books

Another very important issue was the freedom to temples. Our temples are in need of liberation from government control. The law passed in Madras in the 1920s, by the name of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act had the motive to eliminate corruption and enforce better management in temples. It was of course, only applied to Hindu religious organizations as if this kind of corruption is absent in other religions. The offerings made by the devotee’s amount to more than hundreds of crores every year and all of it goes to government accounts. Even the in-charge officers appointed for this purpose are not necessarily from Hindu background, adding more insult. What more can BJP to do prove that it has taken its Hindu supporters for granted? In fact, the incident with the temple administration proves that BJP has tried to degrade Hindus, their own supporters!


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One more issue that has brought BJP in a negative light for us is the incessant strikes at our Hindu traditions, rituals, and customs. They imposed a ban on Jalikattu, they passed a law against black magic and superstition, and they voice their so-called environmental concern around Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali. Be it the call to abolish snana or opening temple for all, BJP ironically seems to be on a mission to defame Hinduism. Even after we united to support BJP and did everything for its victory, apparently, Hinduism is the only religion not having any kind of defense from direct attacks from the state. What did it serve for us to work day and night for BJP’s victory?

Other long-standing promises of BJP include that of Ram Mandir and Uniform civil code. Construction of Ram Mandir was in the manifesto of BJP for its Hindu followers. It is no surprise that it has not been constructed yet. What choice do the Hindu followers have than to believe that it is another fake promise by the BJP just to win? It cannot be clearer that BJP has no respect for us; don’t we belong at a place where our purpose and religion are given due reverence and coherence?

BJP has forgotten its promises even on the law and order front. A set of unified and uniform laws to govern topics like marriage, inheritance, divorce, adoption and maintenance was promised in the manifesto of BJP. Currently, there are a separate set of laws for different Indian communities. This is another promise that seems to be hanging in the air. There is still no sight of Uniform civil code being a reality. The BJP leaves us with no reasons to trust them after their total change of colors.

More major issues include that of Sadhvi Pragya and Pink revolution. BJP is repeatedly accusing Sadhvi Pragya for the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast and is not allowing her bail even after a plea was filed. As if that was not enough, even after a government supported by Hindus is reigning, India has somehow become the second largest beef exporter in the world! The cow that is a figure of worship for us Hindus, in a Hindu country! BJP went to the low limits of allowing subsidy for people who set up slaughter houses. This is the limit of BJP’s betrayal to their Hindu followers!

If they had to do nothing about it, why did they milk the issue so much in Lok Sabha 2014 elections? BJP has taken no concrete step about so many issues. Be it the issue of Hindu Bangladeshi migrants in NRC Assam or betrayal of Jammu related to the coalition government in J&K.

Not just that, BJP wants to allow women in Shani Temple, but why is no action ever taken for Haji Ali? There have been so many riots and Hindus have been widely victimized. BJP had no words or consolation for them but it was necessary for the PM to reassure the Christians about a few act of vandalism. BJP is trying to bring Hinduism in an anti feminist and overall negative light. Why these rules don’t apply to other religions? Why only Hinduism is targeted time to time? Too oblivious of the fact that Hindus were the followers who are responsible for the status of BJP.

Another very important issue here that clarifies BJP’s ignorance against us and our religion is that they are not repealing Blasphemy laws. We Hindus don’t have a concept of Blasphemy. Kamlesh Tiwari was put in jail for his comment on Prophet Mohammed but Azam Khan didn’t see jail for calling Bharat Mata a witch. Zakir Naik didn’t go to jail for mocking our Lord Ganesh. Akram hussain painted our Lord Krishna with all the Gopis in bikini and he was not jailed either! Then why we Hindus have to be subjected to such injustice? That too after giving BJP our unconditional support?


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It is now well known that foreign organizations like Joshua Project are funding billion dollar conversion industry. The effects of Project Thessalonica are already starting to be visible. Conversions in most cases are due to coercion and not by real change of heart. The effects of conversions are visible in demographic changes. Despite being in power in Jharkhand for more than 7 years, BJP has taken no steps to check the rapid growth of Christianity.

This is yet another disappointment for us in the form of Anti-conversion bill. This bill was aimed to restrict “forced conversion” of Hindus by Christian missionaries. This has also become one of those topics that are often talked but never done anything about. This law is a must have to save Hindu population from being converted into other religions by force. Sainthood is a propaganda tool for Catholic Church for conversions.

What’s ironic is that PM Modi is allowing the passing of anti-superstition and black magic laws for Hindus while he is not just endorsing the fraud Christian missionary as the so-called “Miraculous Mother” Teresa but also sending a delegation in her honor! Mother Theresa has contributed little to the cause of helping the poor in India. There was no reason for a secular state to send its Foreign Minister as emissary for canonization of a Catholic Saint. Why is the PM endorsing the Christian sainthood based on miracles but imposing laws on Hindu saints? What is BJP doing about the anti conversion bill? What is being done about the Hindu saints that are rotting in the Indian jails?

BJP promised for the bill in its manifesto but now that seems to be discarded as well. They have proved their carelessness towards us, why should we not?

In Gujarat, Dalits were thrashed and whipped for skinning a cow. Their deed brought unprecedented street protests. When our religion loving Gau Rakshaks tried to avenge the brutal killing of our mother of purity, they were heavily criticized by our very own Prime Minster Narendra Modi. The skinning of the cow was fine to PM Modi but the vengeance by Gau Rakshaks who were merely protecting their purpose of existence was a subject of scathing commentary. How can he go against the religion of those who helped him to the top by defending the Dalits and not our holy Gau Rakshaks?

All of this strengthens the fact even more that Modi government has done nothing for the people who are responsible for the power they enjoy. The people whose devotion, day and night action, persuasion has given them the gift of glory are ignored like a plaything. In fact, BJP has shown us extreme disrespect by doing things contrary to what they promised, approving Islamic banking and increasing spending to Madarsas 100 fold.


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Shanmukh(@maidros78) has summed up BJP in this tweet

All evidence makes it even clearer that BJP has lost track of its origins. The party has its feet high above the ground with what they think is unconditional support from the Hindus. With their continued ignorance of our agendas and the breaking of all promises made to us, won’t they deprive us of even our basic rights and freedom if they win these state elections? Therefore, it’s high time that the hardcore BJP supporters find their lost respect and stop being taken for granted.


Stringent Anti Conversion law in India only after we Hindus become minority?




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