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This letter is written by me, Kanimozhi and Aparna two of the strong genuine BJP supporters to hardcore bhakts. Dear Bhakts, We are honest and strong BJP supporters and will continue to be so, but there is no denying that millions of honest BJP’ians are being forced to change parties because of the conduct of BJP and of its […]

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By now, most people in India are aware of who Rahul Easwar is. He has succeeded in creating his image in a very positive light, for the people to see. In an actuality, he has made the best out of the “reel life” to conceal facts about his “real life”. The ugly truth behind the […]

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India Needs Anti-Conversion Law and needs it now! A religion conversion debate has roared across the news channels, political speeches and in local communities since past few months. Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), the major leading Hindu nationalist party claims to implement an Anti-Conversion Law in India in order to prevent the mass conversion of lower […]

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Knuckle broken, Snubbed, Lambasted, ask to ‘Zip it’, Treated like a child, Raped, Ripped Apart, Ticked off , If you have read all this on a single day, as Headlines in the top newspapers or news blogs  all over India very recently, it is all about a 76 years old corruption crusader, Hindutva supporter, Economist, […]

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INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS a party which started ruling India sixty years ago with a TAG “NATIONALISTS” is today mostly mocked as “Anti-National”. Was the tag Anti-National given for political reason or based on genuine facts? We think we know politics very well since we read news papers or follow prime time news, but truth is […]

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BJP get ready for Kurukshetra 2019 Here Are Your Chakravyuha & Brahmashirsha Astras (Part II) Having detailed what the BJP Party must do to secure victory in the 2019 election in the first part of this article,(you can read here) consider now what the Government must do simultaneously: The current Government must set the agenda for […]

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