How Sanatana Dharma vanishing in Pakistan and how to stop it vanishing from India

The real name of Hindu Dharma is Sanatana Dharma the word Sanatan is taken from the Sanskrit language which has different meanings, one of the meanings of Sanatan Dharma is the oldest of all, as Hindus believe that Hindu Dharma is the oldest religion from all it started when the human came on earth. For every religion, there are founders who founded or started that religion, but in Sanatan Dharma no one claims that he is the founder of it. There have been many messengers in Hindu Dharma, but all worked for the betterment of humanity and welfare of society, but they didn’t say in any scripture that they are the creators or founders of Hindu Dharma. People who follow Hindu Dharma their holy books are four “Vedas” they believe in the Vedas and follow their teachings. The scriptures and holy books of Hindu Dharma were written by Brahmans Rishis and Munis they were specialists in human nature they knew by experience that how human works and what is right and what is wrong.

After the World War two when Pakistan and Hindustan (India) got separations from each other, the many Hindus decided to not leave Pakistan because of their elders, their love for the homeland and many other reasons as the Founder of Pakistan said this nation is also for minorities. In starting the Pakistan was a great place for minorities and have many ancient Temples like Hinglaj Mata,

The Sadhubela

which is an Island and many other historic places where every year Hindus went to festivals, but with the passage of time as government changes the problems for minorities increased at the time of the
establishment of Pakistan, the non-Muslim population of West Pakistan was about 24.6 per cent, while non-Muslims formed about 30 per cent of East Bengal and Sylhet. When the assemblies for Pakistan were set up, 18 members of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan were non-Muslim, out of a total of 69, meaning about 26percent. Even in the West Punjab assembly after Partition, around 10 members [10 percent] were non-Muslims. Hence, when Pakistan was established not only were non-Muslims in substantial numbers, they were also reasonably well represented in the assemblies too. However, very soon conditions changed and the non-Muslim percentage decreased to less than five per cent in West Pakistan. And if conditions do not change, even this percentage will disappear. There are many reasons that Hindus are vanishing in Pakistan like forcible conversion, capturing their lands, injustice with minorities in Pakistan Every year, nearly 1,000 non-Muslim girls are abducted and forced to convert to Islam, non-Muslims are routinely discriminated against in jobs, and people do not even like to eat or drink with them. Only the other day an octogenarian Hindu man was beaten up in a village in Sindh for eating during Ramazan,

Even when for Muslims at his age and health, fasting is not prescribed. Islam and its teaching from Prophet (p.b.u.h) are not these but when it comes to people these are twisted and create problems for other religions which were never taught by Islam but by middlemen. By facing these kinds of difficulties, injustice and hopelessness many Hindu families started moving towards other countries many years ago and till now about to lacks of Hindu population from all over the Pakistan have moved and this effect a lot on Sanatan Dharma in Pakistan and it is causing the disappearance of Hindu Dharma in Pakistan.

The problems are not limited to loot and forcible conversion, but also they fight if any Hindu temple celebrate their festivals of color (Holi) or any special event with the loud volume of speakers they think that Hindus are disturbing them, there is a height of cruelty even they have attacked the temples of Hindus in Pakistan and have destroyed them on the name of dishonor of Holy Quran by a Hindu person without proving it. In many cities of Sindh province this happened and the religious places where attacked and the Hindu faith was hurt. You can verify the information by opening this link of a newspaper and see how the feeling and faith of Hindu Community is hurt. They only did not stop only by attacking on Temples but the level of cruelty and extremism touched the above level that they started to make the slippers with the symbol of “AUM” which is Sacred symbol of Hinduism and considered the eternal name of God in Sanatan Dharma Nothing can be worst than it.

Where years of facing these not acceptable problems how can a person with believes and faith can tolerate these disgusting activities against their religion where he can’t even cry…!! It causes the Sanatan Dharma vanishing in Pakistan now only families which can be counted on finger tips are remaining in Pakistan and tolerating the injustice and hoping for good that will happen one day. These immigrations and conversion changed the lives of Hindus and slowly and gradually the Sanatan Dharma is decreasing day by day and now it’s one part from 4 parts is remaining.

Apart from injustice and difficulties here are some other basic reasons that cause vanishing of Sanatana Dharma in Pakistan;

  • Migration: The migration is the main cause of the decrease in Sanatan Dharma in Pakistan because of less people, the practices of Sanatan Dharma which were shown in the scriptures are not being practiced due to less support from government, less hope even we can say no hope seems there which can cause to return the Hindus which migrated so far.

  • No leadership: If we talk about leadership of Hindus in Pakistan there are few people who can guide them to real the Sanatan Dharma which is according to Vedic teachings, but there is more crowd than a leader and no one like to accept the other as a leader as it’s is said “Less-knowledge is dangerous for society” in similar way guidance is necessary for unity and strength no one is ready to unite for the fight against injustice due to less or no leadership. And not just Islam, but many Hindus are accepting Sikhism in Pakistan and they are following the teachings of their forgetting their own rituals.
  • Atmosphere: Hindus are open minded people they want to be in touch with the world, it seems in Pakistan its going back day by day the political issue, the economic conditions, technology and other many social issues cause the stress and anxiety there for people immigrate to other regions for the peace and relaxation, where they can enjoy their life in a modern way and advanced so this is also a reason that cause less practice in Dharma matters which have affected the Sanatan Dharma in Pakistan.


  • Alternatives:
    As we know that things with rules are difficult to practice no one wants to live life according to rules and teachings everyone want an easy and free life there for many Hindus in Pakistan don’t practice the Sanatan Dharma teachings they think that there are many other alternatives which are good than Dharmic rules for example the Sanatan Dharma forbid to eat meal but people avoid that rule and many other this kind of rules although they live in Pakistan and it is Islam republic country where eating non-veg is Halal that’s why there surrounding they are not able to practice these Dharmic practices.


Considering that many people give idea that it is conspiracy and some elements are there they want Hindus to migrate from the land of Pakistan as that country is the land of Muslims and there are also many other reasons like terrorism and target killing, because of that people avoid to travel from one city to another city on Hindu festivals and other special events therefore it seems that every day the symbols of Sanatan Dharma are vanishing in Pakistan.

In India

The Sanatan Dharma term is named to the Hinduism the Word Hindu is derived from Sindhu word which means the residents of Sindh River ultimately the people who follow Sanatan Dharma are following the cultures and virtues of ancient life standard and way of lives of people which lived near river Sindhu so the Sanatan Dharma is the name of living standards and way of life which teaches the effective lessons. A person who is living life for finding its potential eternal truth within him is a Hindu and real follower of Sanatan Dharma, in India the vanishing of Sanatan Dharma means the finding of truth has been also started. People are changing their life styles in modern ways and following the eastern life styles in dressing, eating, behaving, working and many other daily life activities. As the cultures changes the religion and human activities start to change hence change in total Life style similarly in India many people are also converted in Christianity and many other religions however, another way that India is slowly losing its Vedic culture is through the process of secular or English and Christian schooling. Of course, in public schools all Vedic literatures have been removed from the curriculum.

Regarding India, there is a great number of missionaries of various denominations who are working there right now, all competing for the most number of converts. The Southern Baptists alone are a group that has nearly 100,000 career missionaries in North India, all working to spread the “good word.” We also find that in order to make converts from Hinduism some of the numerous Catholic priests in Southern India dress like Sannyasis, and call their organizations Ashramas. This is to make Christianity more similar to the Vedic traditions. Bharat Natyam dance is also taught in the Christian schools, but with Christian symbols and meanings replacing the Vedic. The funds that are used for the pilgrimage for Christians in India by vote bank government these are majority community’s funds to dole out subsidies to the Christian minority and allocate funds to build churches. Is there anyone in India from government who allow subsidies for Hindus Pilgrimage to china or any other country? Millions of rupees are being spent from government treasury to help the minorities to take over the majority which help in appealing and ensnaring innocent people into conversion trap. It seems that government intentionally working for minorities and ignoring the rights of majorities in this way the politics of religious number game is expanding at the speed of light in Andhra Pradesh. The Government subsidies to this particular religious community are something like adding fuel to the burning fire. Earlier missionaries spent only foreign funds for conversion. Today the government fund at their disposal is making their task easier.

So there are no possibilities to study the ancient Indian literature or art in such institutions, as a result Vedic values are no longer part of what the children are taught. Additionally, the Christian schools, often staffed by Christian missionaries, can teach Christian values in their classes, and include a short study of the Bible every day, or the Quran if it’s an Islamic school. The government has even helped them with free land and facilities.
Since these schools offer English in their education, along with good regulation, many people of the middle classes of Indians are favoring sending their children to such schools. Today, in the Indian cities, many of the parents of children are the graduates of Christian schools, who also send their own children to such institutions.

As this trend continues, there will be a decreasing number of Hindus in the educated sector. Thus, children in India, with the help of the government, are learning Christian values and perceiving their own history and culture as something less than honorable. They are taught that such important books as the Bhagavad-gitaRamayanaBhagavata Purana and other Vedic texts are nothing more than tradition, and not a result of one of the most philosophical civilizations in the world. They are also told that their own God is but a demon and the only real way to God is through Jesus. Another way of looking at this is that India previous enjoyed an 85% Hindu majority in its population. This may sound quite significant, but in actuality this included 15% Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains. So it was really only a 70% majority. How many more generations will go by before we see a big drop in this percentage due to the process of secular (meaning Christian or English, or even Islamic) education, or with the present rate of conversions by tactless Christians? This percentage could easily drop well below 50% in only a few more generations at the present rate of change. Current data released by The Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India in which it is shown that the Hindu population has been declined by 0.7% and Muslim population has been increased by 0.8% and it seems that India would be the largest Muslim population country by 2050.

How many more generations will it take before the Hindu majority is no longer a majority, but a minority in its own country? As it seems that today Hindus are less populated in India then other religions As Hinduism declines, you will see that the demands on the government and those voted into politics will also change, and the laws will also alter more in favor of the increasing minority religions at the expense of declining Hinduism. Then as the years go by there will appear only small clusters of Hindu or Vedic communities, most likely centered on prominent holy places, until the more aggressive religions act in ways to diminish these as well, in the same way that they are presently doing in other countries.

The recovery of Sanatan Dharma is possible by teaching the children and youth the ancient lessons and teaching that how the forefathers lived their lives according to the scriptures and law of natures its youth that can bring a change in any country and impact on the nation.

To stop the Sanatana Dharma vanishing from India there can be subjects of Vedic scriptures who could be added in courses of schools and colleges to protect the teachings of Sanatana Dharma and tell that how to apply their rules and teaching in real lives in this critical modern world where everything is working according to its way, only few percentage of population is interested in Dharmic religions as schools and colleges are the place where the youth goes and learn something and apply in their professional and personal life as they teach many subjects, these teaching could be reintroduced by running free classes by saints and Gurus who have authority and fan following as there are yoga classes and dance classes in same way the Dharmic classes can be effective way to persuade the people that they should practice these precious teachings and should tell their children as well so that they can apply also in starting of life and with the passage of time it will generate good results as by doing daily, it will become the habit and will be the part of life soon apart from this there are many other ways like world yoga day, mother day or any other special day The Sanatana Dharma day could be introduced which can be celebrated every year on specific day to recall the ancient teachings and remember the real eternal truth of life and fulfill the purpose of life on earth as Sanatana Dharma preaches that it’s better to know yourself and your reality which you will find nowhere else but within yourself.




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