INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS a party which started ruling India sixty years ago with a TAG “NATIONALISTS” is today mostly mocked as “Anti-National”. Was the tag Anti-National given for political reason or based on genuine facts? We think we know politics very well since we read news papers or follow prime time news, but truth is always hidden and what we see is just an illusion!!!
So were we fooled for past 60yrs in believing that CONGRESS was actually Nationalist? Politics is a cruel game, it’s a UNIVERSAL TRUTH, people try to suppress you, backstab you, beat you in every step. But question is how far would you go to beat your enemy, win an election and snatch POWER? Would you comprise your COUNTRY to win an election? YES…..It is the same CONGRESS party which COMPROMISED NATIONAL SECURITY, put thousands of innocent lives at STAKE just to beat one man >>>>>> NARENDRA MODI!!!
ISHRAT JAHAN, A name quite familiar to all of us since a decade with various channels describing her as innocent college girl, martyr, victim etc etc, some politicians even calling her “daughter”. Ambulance service named after her “Shahid Ishrat Jahan”, she was made a martyr overnight by few self proclaimed SIKULARS! But suddenly all these people hide their face, run away from cameras or even escape TV debates if asked about Ishrat jahan today.
What was the truth that burst out like VOLACANO made all these rats go into hiding?? What was the truth that was hidden for 12 long years?
It all started on 11th February 2016 when David Coleman Headley, the master mind behind 26/11 confessed before the Mumbai court: Ishrat Jehan, the 19-year-old student killed in an encounter in Gujarat in 2004, was a member of Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar e Taiba. This statement created tremors in people who called Ishrat Jahan innocent, shahid, martyr, beti and what not. But there was bigger jolt waiting for the congress. Rajendra Kumar, former special director, Intelligence Bureau revealed to Timesnow that he was pressurized by the CBI and top officials from central government to implicate Modi in the Ishrat Jahan encounter. Kumar in his revelations claimed institutions like CBI was totally misused to frame Modi and Amit shah. Officers in IB were lured, threatened, degraded and careers destroyed. He claims his father, mother underwent mental torture in the political conspiracy.
Following the revelations by Mr Kumar another top official under UPA government GK Pillai, Former Home Secy reveals that investigation on Ishrat Jahan was botched up at top political level and congress leadership interfered at every step of investigation. He clearly indicates that the IB received inputs that Ishrat was a cover involved in an intel operation by LeT planned for the execution of the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi. Based on these reports the IB meticulously planned the encounter of Ishrat Jahan and her counterparts. The call for CBI investigation on Ishrat Jahan encounter was faux and was intended to mislead the country from knowing the truth.
On March 1st 2016 RVS Mani, former under secretary in the UPA government made chilling revelations as to how he was tortured by SIT chief head Satish Verma. The former claimed that Satish verma burnt him with cigarette stubs and was chased by CBI officer and tortured. Mr Mani reveals how there were two affidavits filed on Ishrat Jahan completely contradictory to each other. The first affidavit filed on 6th August 2009 by RVS Mani said that based on reports received by Intelligence Bureau and available facts it was clear that Ishrat Jahan was a LeT operative on a mission. But a second affidavit filed on 30th September 2009 by an ANONYMOUS MAN made complete U-Turn that there was no sufficient evidence to claim Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist. According to GK Pillai and RVS Mani the second affidavit was made at top political level. Home Secretary is the highest serving officer and there exist no officer above him except the HOME MINISTER himself. So if GK Pillai claims decision was made at a higher level should we assume that it was the then Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram the ANONYMOUS MAN who made the second affidavit???
Here lies the interesting part. Narendra Modi has been a challenge to the entire Congress political system, they knew Modi getting Power = END OF CONGRESS! The attack on Modi did not start from Ishrat Jahan but started soon after he assumed office in 2001. The first incident was in 2002, Godhra train massacre carrying 58 hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya which lead to Godhra riots. Many plots during Gujarat riots were orchestrated by a powerful man and a close aide of SG >>AP (you will hear more about this man). Congress used this incident to dethrone Modi and finish his political career. Inspite of attacking him from all corners congress failed to malign Modi and get power in Gujarat. This failure led them to think for different options. But this time both idea and people were outsourced. Then started the Ishrat Chapter which was not just scripted by LeT but was initiated on the orders of SG and AP.
The person who helped them script the entire episode belongs to Pakistan ISI and holds a top post. YES the congress took help from ISI and LeT to put an end to Modi. Accordingly, LeT commander Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi along with Muzammil Bhat (trusted LeT operative) hired a FEMALE SUICIDE BOMBER > ISHRAT JAHAN. Along with her were two Pakistani nationals Zeeshan Johar and Amjad Ali Rana and a Pune resident Javed Sheikh. The objective of Ishrat team was to eliminate Modi and project it as revenge by Muslim community for Godhra riots. If mission was to be successful they wanted to replay the same against LKA, thus eliminating the 2 most powerful leaders in BJP. There were totally 3 attempts made on Narendra Modi from the year 2004 to 2013.
The first attempt on Modi by Ishrat team was made in 2004. This attempt alerted the Intelligence Bureau and they successfully foiled the plot of Congress and Ishrat Jahan. Congress was disappointed and Modi became unstoppable. The loss in 2007 Gujarat election made the congress more desperate and they went ahead for another plan. A meeting was held between the same ISI guy and 10 JP. A new plan was scripted in 2007/08 which lead to the killing of 164 innocent life’s. YES…..I am talking about the heinous 26/11 Mumbai Attack.
The team with Ajmal Kasab and Kalid Sheikh original target was not MUMBAI but Narendra Modi. The reconnaissance was done by none other than David Coleman Headley which he confessed before Mumbai court. The ISI man decided the attack be carried in July 2008 and informed AP about this. But due to some reason AP forwarded the plan to August 2008. However SG rejected this plan fearing a backlash in 2009 general elections. She knew if something happens to Modi, BJP will gain huge and LKA will snatch PM chair. The ISI man very annoyed with the decision used the charged terrorists to strike Mumbai on 26th November 2008. Many close aides of 10 JP, AP, few journo from NDTV, Tehlka knew about 26/11. SG planned to use 26/11 incident to make it look like a HINDU TERROR ATTACK. But her plans were demolished due to one man’s sacrifice>>>Constable Tukaram Ombale who caught Ajmal Kasab alive.
This shattered congress dreams. The 2009 elections gave the congress more power to continue their attack on Modi. As all attempts on Modi had failed, the Ishrat case was reopened and it was during this time the affidavit was changed. So who gave the orders to then Home Minister to change affidavit?? Was it SG…NO!
The ISI man who ordered SG to change affidavit was none other than >>> Ex ISI DG Ahmed Shuja Pasha!!!
The most powerful man having links with CIA and is involved in all political decision of congress. A treasury to congress funds, plotting murders, riots, communal violence. “YES CONGRESS WORKS WITH HIM” The Patna blast in 2013 during Modi’s rally was the 3rd attempt. This was not meticulously planned and many were not sure for an attack during elections, But the plan was executed anyways. The code used for Modi >> “MACHLI 5” was same in both Ishrat tapes and Patna Blasts!!! Nothing here was co-incidence or accident it was purely pre planned and intended to target one man >>>> Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi and Narendra Modi!!!
A democratically elected government which was suppose to protect the Nation from terrorists and intruders sold the country to ISI. Innocent officers tortured & punished for being Patriotic. Institutions misused, corrupted & infiltrated by traitors. RVS Mani painfully tells in an interview “Why should we work for our country if this is the reward”. Congress not just attacked India but they infiltrated a dangerous VIRUS into the system!
We cried for soldiers, cursed the terrorists for 26/11…celebrated when Ajmal Kasab was hanged. But the real masterminds still roam free and are planning more…….!!!
Now should they be still called “INDIAN” “NATIONAL” Congress??!!
Aishwarya S
(Acknowledgements to Dr. Gaurav Pradhan and Navroop Singh)


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