Welcome to the projects page, here you can see 2 examples of projects, you can add as many project as you like and there is many settings for each project (project date, links, tasks, files, comments…). If you have idea of new features for the this, please let us know.

  • Kurukshetra Redesign

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    100 %

    Complete redesign and revamp of Kurukshetra 2019 with state of art look, feature and functionalities. The redesign should include creation of groups, forum, wiki, project management, ajax chat, file hosting & sharing, video conferencing, blogs, news, polls, commenting system, social media integration and Online Tv

  • Twitter Apps for Autotrend

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    Creating a Twitter app using Kurukshetra.com & Google Apps for Auto Trend To set the narrative it is imperative trend our own message via twitter tags as many organic everyday die due paid tags and trends done by AAP and Congress other than media, we need to create our own powerful app, that will help […]

  • Creating Anti Conversion Bill

    0ACB, Anti Religious conversion, Hinduism, Hindus 1
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    It is important and vital to create a Anti Conversion Bill (ACB) at the earliest and pass the bill in the both the House of parliament to stop the dwindling number of Hindus due to the religious conversion. However, religious conversion can not be completely stopped by passing ACB, there are many other parallel work […]

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