By now, most people in India are aware of who Rahul Easwar is. He has succeeded in creating his image in a very positive light, for the people to see. In an actuality, he has made the best out of the “reel life” to conceal facts about his “real life”. The ugly truth behind the face of Rahul Easwar is lesser known. Before moving to the content, I would like to establish that this is not just one of the hate articles. This one is backed up by good reasons. India has an age-old pattern of picking anyone from the street or screen and making them God. Rahul’s stardom is a product of that idiosyncrasy. He is a self-proclaimed leader as well as the speaker of Hinduism, not only in India but across the globe.





2rGrandson of Kandararu Maheshwararu who was a senior supreme priest of Sabarimala, Rahul studied philosophy and psychology, with the motive of revolutionizing and taking Hinduism to new heights. Proud of his supposedly “high birth”, he used the legacy of his family as a launching pad to come into the limelight of media. For example, in a media interview when asked about his participation in Kerala polls, he did have to mention how Gandhiji visited his house in the 1930s and Indira Gandhi called his family to a pooja for them. This kind of out of context, showoff comments are one of the things that prove the hollow, fame-hungry reality of Rahul Easwar.
When Sadhvi Prachi tweeted “Let’s make India Muslim-free”, Rahul disagreed with her so much that he filed a FIR against her. Given his image as the spokesperson for Hinduism and the Gandhian philosophy he claims to follow, his extreme decision brings him in a very negative light. There are a lot of Hindu people in India who tweet or comment anti-Muslim and even anti-Hindu statements every day but Rahul does not care about the lesser known ones. It looked like he used what was already on the news to himself be on the news. Nice little PR trick you got there, Rahul!




Another person associated with a controversy with Rahul Eswar is famous painter M.F Hussain. Kerala state declared that the extraordinary talent was to receive “Raja Ravi Varma” award. All Hindu devotees were enraged by the decision but one among them had the loudest voice and that was the voice of Rahul Easwar. He got Hussain’s award cancelled and even demanded idol punishment for him. Do we see a pattern here? It was the second time when Rahul Easwer tried to cling to a boat that is already in public attention. Besides, given that he had been a student of philosophy, it is unbelievable that he can measure art on a scale with religion. Out of all people, he should have known that art is incomparable. This gives all the more reason to doubt his so-called qualified philosophical knowledge.

In a media interview, which will of course follow after such self-promotion; Rahul said that M.F Hussain “Ji” is a good man and good painter. Again it so happens that his words put him in sharp contrast with his actions. This proves that media interviews are just one technique for Rahul Esawar endorsement of the self. He even went to the limits of comparing himself to M.F Hussain! What is it, if not trying to light a spark of controversy to be famous?

There is an excellent reason why his activities do to Hinduism just the opposite of what he claims to promote. His motive may be well but by taking these types of the decision he is bringing Hinduism in a negative light, proving Hindu’s to be oversensitive and self-obsessed. He is teaching Hindus to become intolerant. He is teaching them to dismantle art on religious ground. Anybody who can make a weapon out of religion to get into the news is doing more damage to the religion than good.



What such need would befall a believer of Gods, speaker of Hinduism to participate in shows like Malayalee House? There is that pattern again! What better way to spark publicity than to participate in a controversial reality show? Totally aware of the fact that Indian audience goes crazy after love stories, Rahul allegedly had an affair with co-actress Rosin Jolly on the show. He played the usual card of being “good friends” and no more than that, but people who have watched the show can understand the irony of his statement. This kind of activity on national television even after being married to Deepa, a TV personality herself, proves that Rahul Easwar can go to any limits to get publicity.

Her wife even indirectly accepted that in a media interview, that they knew there will be repercussions but ignored that in the spirit of the show. Seems like Rahul Easwar also has backing from his wife in this pursuance of what can be best called, cheap fame. Malayalee people were reportedly confused if Rahul was acting or was just naturally being himself. In both cases, he has served his true face to the public. If he is acting, it proves that he is indeed willing to do anything to be in focus. If he is just being himself, well, he is getting close with a woman other than his wife! Is the public still so blind to see his real face?

It is now on the Hindu people to decide, can you trust a globally self-declared spokesperson of Hinduism who can be part of illegitimate affairs to gain publicity and media attention? Is it not unsuitable and morally wrong for a Hindu to be disloyal to his wife? Can religion be modified in his case? What kind of “high birth” is that? A true supporter of religion doesn’t belong to places like Malayalee House where they have no use to be. An honest activist doesn’t need to famous, he just needs to be active.



Controversy after controversy, it is apparent that Rahul Easwar is always on a prowl for news in which he can somehow adjust his name in and trend with it. Another topic that has been in the news for a while is “Homosexuality”. Over the years in several television debates, Rahul Easwer has regarded Homosexuality as a psychological problem. This is not only a very cruel and anti-human comment towards the LGBTQ community but also puts Rahul’s own education in question. Now that the awareness and openness towards sexual orientations have increased in the Indian public, Rahul has changed his argument. In a recent interview, he surprisingly rendered his own prior opinion null and void by implying that he doesn’t hold on to those views anymore! A person with such narrow opinions that seems to change with news trends seems to be less like a person and more like a chameleon.

Rahul Easwar never leaves a good chance to endorse what he wants to. In a media interview, he was being interrogated about the Left wing in Kerala. It is shocking as by what reference he succeeded to mention the name of his company and its tagline in the answer! We have got to admit, pretty neat trick, Rahul. He advertises himself, primarily and things of his choice. This brings into light the fact that Rahul is not only an opportunist but also a skilled conversationalist who can give away only as much as he wants, no matter what the topic.

Sometimes, his own conversational quality brings loss to him. In a media interview, he implied that he agrees with the fact that being an Indian is more important than being a Hindu. He even stated that an Indian Muslim is more important than a Bangladeshi Hindu. This statement goes right against his own statement against M.F Hussain, where he didn’t look at anything over his so-called obsession for Hinduism.

His presstitute attitude is almost always apparent.  We can identify his pattern again when he took part in a silent march protest against the “distorted depiction” of Jesus Christ in the movie Da Vinci Code. Firstly, for a person claiming to have extreme Hindu views, he had no business in the protest apart from promoting a secular image for himself. The second instance was when he supported “Innocence of Muslims”, a movie that abuses Prophet Mohammed. As the highly revered Hindu spokesperson he claims to be, all of this just seems like another attempt at catching the limelight. Why would a person who claims to the entire world as being a custodian of Hindu Dharma fight for the cause of other religions? What is the point of that self-proclaimed title then? This act of Rahul Easwar makes it obvious for the people who can really see to witness one more way of earning free public attention. Rahul Easwar should change his title. It will be easy for him anyways, considering its self-awarded nature.

He also implied to join BJP if he gets an opportunity. What is a religious custodian to do in a political space? He says to serve this country and its people, but his activities and words do more damage than they do well.



To conclude, it can be said that Rahul Easwar has nothing apart from his familial legacy. His activities have a repeated pattern of clinging to the famous to wash in its light. If he is so great, what active and real steps is Rahul taking for the betterment of Hindus he claims to be the caretaker of? Why does it so happen that he always finds his way into a religion oriented controversy? The fact is that he cares about his personal and political image. He has used his grandfather’s legacy, news and media interviews as his free contraptions to popularity. He has damaged Hinduism by his extremity if anything. He might do what he does with a positive mindset but actually ends up being the reason of harm more than good. He misquoted Aristotle when he said “Man is a political animal”, but Rahul Easwar, in your case “Man is a promotional animal” seems more accurate.







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